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Providence Welcomes Brooklyn for Season Finale

WARWICK NECK, R.I. - As September's days dwindled, the Providence Grays (20-15-1) embarked on an exhilarating campaign at the Cowtown Scramble (Sept. 26), where they locked horns with resolute adversaries the Westfield Wheelmen and the host Dairymen  squad and encountered unwavering determination. The journey to the idyllic landscapes of Bovina Center, New York, was marked by formidable trials. In their opening duel against the Wheelmen, the Grays demonstrated unyielding resolve but were ultimately outpaced, with the scoreboard favoring Westfield at 20-12. Providence cultivated momentum as the match unfolded, yet their resurgence arrived too late to surmount the seasoned Wheelmen, underscoring the remarkable competition in the Catskills. The second contest witnessed the Grays engaging in a riveting clash with the host Bovina Dairymen. The match showcased Providence's steadfast purpose as they surged to a five-run lead in the opening inning. The Dairymen, equally resolved, m

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