Grays Seek Wins in Bethpage


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – After a successful three-and-one weekend at the Gettysburg Festival (July 16-17), the Providence Grays returned to New England and hosted their regional rival Connecticut Bulldogs for an ‘84/’64 doubleheader in Hull, MA, on July 23. Both contests found the respective squads battling for victory, but the gents from Hartford came out on top in both – 14 to 10 in the 1884 match and a walk-off win for CT in the ’64 matinee, 11-10 in the bottom of the 11th inning. This weekend (August 6 & 7), Providence returns to the heart of 19th century historic base ball as the players converge on the Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Long Island for the 25th Annual Doc Adams Festival.

On Saturday (August 6), the Grays look forward to the always tightly contested match with their friends the Resolutes BBC of Elizabeth, New Jersey, in their 1864 weekend opener and are excited to take the field for a rare 1860 game with the gents from the Monmouth Furnace in game two. Sunday (August 7), the Canton Cornshuckers of Michigan will pose a lofty challenge for the Rhode Islanders in an 1884 rule (overhand) meet-up, and the Brooklyn Eckfords will offer a final hurdle to the Providence nine following the rules of 1864.

If you’re on Long Island this weekend, the Doc Adams Festival is calling your name. The Mutuals BBC of New York once again hosts this spectacle of historical base ball, featuring an exciting field of teams from five different states as well as a base ball making demonstration and a display of period-accurate bats. Follow the action on the Grays Facebook page and at


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